Refill - Eco Pure Room

ensure your business stays open and people stay safe

Eco Pure Room Refills.

Eco Pure Room is NEA approved, USA EPA-approved, NSF-certified, ecologically safe, and no-rinse required product that is applied using a fogger.

Join the top-tier companies in the initiative to provide a safe and sanitized environment for your guests, customers, and co-workers.

• NEA approved main ingredients to treat COVID-19
• EPA-registered
• Hospital grade disinfectant
• Kills 30+ bacteria and coronaviruses
• NSF-certified food surface safe
• Kills and prevents mould and mildew
• Eliminates odours at their source
• Proven allergen eliminator
• Hypoallergenic – Allergen reducing
• Non-Corrosive
• No rinse required
• PFE not required
• Non-irritating to the skin
• Residual kill
• Odour free