We ensure businesses stay open and people stay safe

by providing the world’s leading, ‘always on’, low cost, airborne sanitising technology

Current Cleaning Practices are ineffective

The current cleaning practices are based on the disproved theory that COVID-19 and other viruses are only spread through ‘human’ or ‘surface’ contact. 

Environment sanitising is point in time, manpower-intensive, surface only cleaning using toxic chemicals, that is not financially viable for any period of time.

The World Health Organisation has confirmed that COVID-19 is airborne and contact spread; they also estimated a ‘four- to five-year time frame’ to get COVID-19 under control. As such, the need to sanitise an environment is a long-term, 24/7 necessity and must address the airborne threat.


17 May 2021, 9:10 AM (GMT)

Singapore Statistics

61,613 Total Cases
31 Death Cases
61,104 Recovered Cases

clinically clean

Equal Strategy has teamed up with global thought leaders to create a safe, quick-to-deploy, low cost ($295 a month), always on, Surface and Air sanitiser. 

We use proven ‘diffuser’ technology that uses an N.E.A. / U.S.A. EPA approved, ‘food-and-drink-safe’ sanitiser that radically improves safety levels within an environment, all day long.

As this is a technology-based solution with a fixed & low monthly cost, you also provide immediate & significant costs savings whilst delivering a much safer environment.

99.6% improvement when compared to current wipe-clean & sanitising practices

Equal Strategy has been working with this proven, highly reliable technology for 20 years. When used with our patented sanitizer, recent tests delivered a 99.6% improvement when compared to current wipe-clean & sanitising practices.

eco pure room is “always-on” and CONTINUALLY sanitises the air in your environment killing airborne viruses and bacteria on contact

Creating and maintaining a continually safe & sanitised environment 24x7

Eco Pure Room – Airborne Sanitiser works by diffusing an eco friendly,  safe and odour free dry vapour, made up of ultra-small hospital grade sanitiser particles (approximately 1 micrometre (1um) in diameter).

By achieving the desired Eco Pure Room ‘air saturation intensity’ in the target area, the floating airborne particles , kill virus and bacteria microbes within seconds of contact.

Eco Pure Room alters certain amino acids that contain sulphur, which are important building blocks in the proteins that help to form cell walls.  When these proteins are destroyed, the cell wall ruptures, exposing the internals to air, and causes the organism to oxidise and die. 

Technically speaking, in the chemical reaction, Eco Pure Room takes on an electron from the amino acid and reverts back to a chlorite ion.  The amino acid gives up an electron, which causes oxidation. This means Eco Pure Room is 2.6 times more effective than alternatives Chlorine and Oxychlorin

Keep Staff & Customers

Safe and Protected

Start using ECo Pure Room - Airborne sanitiser

1.  Calculate the floor area and ceiling height of your environment to determine the required air volume saturation.

2.  Request installation, or shipping of the pre programmed device for complete automation. (Includes training & full remote support).

3.  Plug in the unit to power up, and enjoy a safe and protected ‘clinical’ grade environment.

4.  Place the sticker provided on your entrance to inform visitors your premises are protected.

5.  Refill the device as required with the refill supplies delivered to your door.

Keep people safe and your business open

eco pure room - airborne sanitiser Creates and maintains a continually safe and sanitised environment 24x7