Airborne Sanitising Keeps Businesses Open During COVID-19

When the COVID-19 virus started travelling around the world, it turned businesses on their heads. Many cities instituted lockdowns and restrictions in public places in an effort to mitigate the spread. To reopen safely, companies had to get creative about what they could do to protect their employees and customers. One solution that has since emerged is airborne sanitising.

Tackling COVID-19 at the Source

At the beginning of the pandemic, little was known about the coronavirus and how it spread from person to person. We now know that COVID-19 is largely spread through the air. Respiratory droplets from an infected person can be passed through the air when a person coughs, talks, or sneezes. And even though these droplets don’t travel very far, they can still linger in the air and contaminate someone else.

Viruses that are airborne can enter a person through their eyes, nose, or mouth. This is why there has been such a heavy emphasis on wearing face masks: the masks prevent respiratory droplets from becoming airborne.

In addition to masks social distancing, businesses are discovering a need to do more to keep their environment safe. New airborne sanitising tools are poised to help tackle COVID-19 at the source and allow customers to conduct business in person with confidence.

How Airborne Sanitising Keeps Businesses Open

Much like hand sanitiser targets germs on your hands and disinfectants target germs on surfaces, airborne sanitising machines like the Eco Pure Room work to eradicate germs from the air. Eco Pure Room uses NEA-approved, hospital-grade ingredients to eliminate the coronavirus. Ingredients are fragrance-free to avoid significantly altering the ambience of your environment. The solution is vaporised by a machine and expelled into the air of enclosed spaces and simultaneously treats the entire indoor air space. The big difference between an airborne sanitising machine and simply

spraying disinfectant into the air is its purpose-built functionality.

Most bottled sprays are not designed for the air and are therefore inefficient at targeting airborne particles. The Eco Pure Room airborne sanitising machine is intentionally designed to provide a solution for the air.

Business owners, workers, and customers alike continue to be wary of their health and safety in public places, despite a growing desire to resume normal operations. Adding an airborne sanitising solution to your environment can help to win consumer trust – and their business.

What Comes Next for Businesses During COVID-19?

The global pandemic has wreaked havoc on industries and businesses around the world. It’s clearer than ever that we must find a way to move forward with everyday life. But while many businesses are gradually reopening their doors, they must do so with an abundance of caution.
Tools like Eco Pure Room stand to support a safe reopening that instils confidence in employees and customers alike. Get in touch with our team to learn more or visit for more information.

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