Non-Toxic Hospital-Grade Airborne Sanitiser

What Is “Hospital-Grade” & Why It Matters

Hospital-grade disinfectant sprays are specially designed with hospitals in mind; they can kill viruses, bacteria, mould and mildew and are still sensitive enough to keep people safe and spaces fully functional. On top of that, medical-grade disinfectants are also designed to be stronger and safer than traditional cleaning products and can kill a wider spectrum of harmful germs and bacteria that can be found in many more types of spaces, such as hotels, salons, and offices – not just in hospitals!

Why Choose Eco Pure Room’s Hospital-Grade Airborne Sanitiser?

Apart from being hospital-grade, our airborne disinfectant sprays are also non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and serve as the perfect odour eliminator. It leaves your space smelling refreshing and clean, with no added fragrance or masking agents. Using our proven micro-mist diffusion systems, our medical-grade disinfectant spray kills bacteria and viruses within seconds of contact, keeping your space safe and sanitised 24/7.

How Does Eco Pure Room’s Hospital-Grade Airborne Sanitiser Work?

Eco Pure Room’s hospital-grade Airborne Sanitiser works by diffusing an eco-friendly, safe, and odour-free dry vapour that is made up of ultra-small hospital-grade sanitiser particles. Through achieving air volume saturation, floating airborne particles, viruses, and bacteria are killed within seconds of contact.

Get Started With Eco Pure Room’s Hospital-Grade Airborne Sanitiser Today

Getting started with our medical-grade airborne sanitiser is simple: simply calculate your environment’s floor area and ceiling height to determine the required air volume saturation and request installation of the pre-programmed device for complete automation. When you receive the device, power up the unit by plugging it in and you can start enjoying hospital-grade protection in your space.

Still unsure? Book a free consultation with us today, and we’ll help with the rest.