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Tests Delivered a 99.6% Improvement When Compared To Wipe-Clean & Sanitising Practices.

JOMO - Bar | Kitchen | Bottle Shop

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Located in bustling Holland Village, and featuring a luscious alfresco area sweeping around the building, a full retail shop experience on the ground floor and a stylish, yet minimalistic restaurant and bar on the first & second floor.  JOMO offers high-quality cuisine coupled with beverages at an extremely accessible price point.

JOMO is the first of five venues planned to open in key Singapore neighbourhoods during 2021.

Keeping customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic with processes that are over and above the standard SG Clean policies, while ensuring both guest-facing floors, including the bottle shops’ hundreds of bottles, are continually ‘clinically clean’, are the brands’ top priorities.

Eco Pure Room ‘Always-On’ fully automated wall mounted units were installed on both first and second guest-facing floors and programmed to deliver 5 log sanitisation intensity for 1 hour before and after operating hours, with 2 log during guest hours.  Eco Pure Room is odour free, food contact safe, and an NEA approved air and surface sanitiser.

“A great product in these times. Installing 2 Eco Pure machines within JOMO Restaurant helps us to ensure staff & customers enjoy our premises as sanitised as we can be.  Should be mandatory in my opinion.”

Steve Yallop – Director, JOMO Group

Singapore Chinese Cultural CENTRE - Moo Moo park

As Singapore slowly opened its doors to events, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) hosted an event to celebrate and welcome the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Ox. The two-month event ‘Moo Moo Park’ was supported by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

This futuristic show brought to life ‘visual art’ with the use of AR technology, transforming digital drawings into interactive 3D installations, selfie filters and AR murals.

As the first of its kind in Asia, parts of the show took place in SCCC’s car park where visitors were chauffeured by an environmentally friendly low to zero emissions Hyundai electric vehicle., whereas the other art pieces were viewed in the art gallery foyer.

To ensure visitors to Moo Moo Park were entering an environment free of the airborne and surface transmitted coronavirus, COVID-19, Eco Pure Room was ‘Always-On’ and diffused in both the gallery and inside the vehicles.


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Hyundai - Komoco Motors

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Hyundai believes in creating a greener tomorrow and have gone all-out to produce an eco-friendly line-up that even other carmakers talk about. In Singapore, Komoco Motors Pte Ltd is a leading pioneer in the movement towards vehicle electrification since 2017.

Understanding the sales process and that taking a test drive is a crucial stage where an emotional bond is formed between the customer, brand and the vehicle. However, the very nature of taking a car for a test drive, makes social distancing extremely difficult.

With the challenge to create and maintain a clinically clean interior of the test-drive vehicles, including the cabin air, while eradicating particles of airborne coronavirus, Eco Pure Room tackled the task with ease.

Eco Pure Room provides the ability to create a clinically clean vehicle interior, that is continually sanitised in real-time.

The vehicle variant of Eco Pure Room ‘Always-On’ Vehicle Sanitisation was installed in multiple vehicles to provide an otherwise unachievable level of protection and peace of mind.

MUtt Motorcycles - Brand Showroom

Mutt is a way of life, born in custom bike culture.

Bold originators with an authentic identity, with a style that invites riders to join our like-minded motorcycling culture family, created in Birmingham in the heart of the UK, the historic home of motorcycle manufacture. This connection to the history of motorcycling and industry resonates with riders around the world.

Mutt bikes are a contemporary culture and heritage combined – a fresh, creative and personal take on a new blend of vintage and modern. We are focused on a niche and stay true to that niche. We create accessible machines built with cool credibility, designed for experienced or new riders alike.

Our vision seems to be resonating across the world and Asia Pacific. We deliver the Mutt experience in Singapore, Australia, Japan, The Philippines and HK & Macau, with the rest of the region joining the family soon.

Beautiful product, amazing experience.

“We spend a lot of effort in creating the coolest shop in Singapore. Keeping our customers and team safe in trying times is a duty. Keeping our shop open for business is just common sense. Eco Pure Room is an affordable, non-intrusive solution to keeping our business Covid-19 free.”

Julian Corden – Founding Partner, Mutt Motorcycles

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