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About Eco Pure Room

Equal Strategy introduced Eco Pure Room to help businesses continuously sanitise, maintain, and protect their environments each and every day, making them safer and healthier for staff and customers.

Eco PureRoom uses the latest technology to diffuse an ecologically sound and significantly more effective alternative to chlorine-based solutions, eradicating germs and viruses within their premises.

Founded in 1988 during the Asian financial crisis, Equal Strategy partners with forward-thinking and leading global brands to enhance their customer experience using music and ambient scent. Brands include Marina Bay Sands, Citibank, Microsoft, SAP, DHL, Starwood Hotels, Hilton, and Changi Airport.

Using Equal Strategy’s ‘two decades of experience scenting environments’, the concept of vapourising a water-based, ecologically safe hospital-grade sanitiser, to sanitise the air within an environment and the surfaces it falls on was conceived.

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over 650,000 lives, and placing the global economy in recession, each country is trying to revive its economy in the post lockdown landscape and avoid a second wave.

Businesses need to change the way they prepare and maintain their environments to protect and keep staff safe while ensuring customers are confident they are not entering a contaminated space, nor will they be infected or fall ill.

Fogging only sanitises an area at that point of sanitisation, and regular wiping of handrails and elevator buttons is hardly enough.

Winning customer confidence is the new battleground to determine a brands’ rate of recovery and longevity.

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Eco Pure Room - COVID19 ambient sanitiser
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Why Choose Us

Located in the heart of the CBD, our track record spans over twenty years servicing pioneering and forward thinking brands.  

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over 20 years experience servicing fortune 100 brands
Partnering clients to deliver solutions that create value and add to their bottom line, is at the heart of what we do.
- 02
science based methodology
We embrace the fascinating world of scientific research and use it as the foundation of our methodologies and services.
- 03
latest technology

The adoption of the latest technology improves reliability, efficiency and the effectiveness of our services.  Why wouldn’t you use it? 

- 04
eco-friendly hospital grade sanitiser

Water based, non corrosive, non flammable, 2.6 times for effective than chlorine solutions, and kills bacteria and viruses within minutes of contact. 


- 05
dedicated client support team

Our friendly Client Services team overlook manage the delivery of services, as well as delivery of replacement equipment in the event of a fault.

- 06
scheduled delivery of equipment and refills

Diffusion equiment is shipped with three months solution.  Ongoing refill cartridges are delivered in advance of each quarter.

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