Office Air Sanitising Service in Singapore

 Why Do Offices Need Air Sanitising?

The secret to a productive workforce is no secret—the healthier your employees are, the more productive they will be. So what can you do to ensure that your employees stay healthy in the office? Eco Pure Room’s Airborne Sanitiser may just be your solution.

With the coronavirus being airborne, existing cleaning practices are no longer sufficient to keep illnesses at bay in the office. Studies have also found that there are more than 10 million types of bacteria on a typical office desk—400 times more bacteria than are found on the average toilet seat. This means that the simple act of typing an email or making a call can put your employees at risk for illness. Routine cleaning of the office isn’t sufficient either; despite wiping down surfaces, bacteria and viruses still linger because soap and water aren’t powerful enough to kill them.

This is where Eco Pure Room’s Airborne Sanitiser comes in—a hospital-grade disinfectant that is always active. It continually sanitises the air and surfaces in your office, keeping your office environment safe and sanitised 24/7.

Features of Eco Pure Room’s Airborne Sanitiser

It is always active

Our Airborne Sanitiser is always active and continually sanitises the air in your office environment 24/7, including the surfaces that it falls on.

It kills bacteria and viruses within minutes

Using our proven micro-mist diffusion systems, our Airborne Sanitiser kills bacteria and viruses within minutes of contact, including the coronavirus, H1N1, salmonella, Listeria, E.coli Legionella as well as 99.999% of staph bacteria that cause MRSA.

It is non-corrosive

Our Airborne Sanitiser is non-corrosive, which means that it’s safe to use on all electronic devices. A non-intrusive fine mist coats all surfaces and objects, keeping them sanitised and safe to touch for your employees and visitors. No rinse is required.

Eco Pure Room: Your One-stop Solution for Office Sanitation & Cleanliness in Singapore

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